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Nokku Varma Treatment

Nokku Varma is the highest level of knowledge in varmakalai training. By using this art we can access all the varma points of a person without touching or Seeing them, we can access the person’s varma point who is in remote location also.
Varmam’ is the branch of Siddha system of medicine which involves a special kind of therapy based on vital points called varma points present in the body. … This healing application called ‘Varma Vaidhiya’ is used to treat patients suffering from paralysis, nervous disorder, spondylitis and other Joint disorders.

Treatment without Medicine

Depressed or irritable mood
Sleep problems
( sleeping too much or too little; sleeping mainly during the day)
Change in interests ( not being interested in what you used to enjoy) or low motivation
Excessive guilt or unrealistically low self-image
Significantly low energy and/or change in self-care (not showering anymore)
Significantly worse concentration ( sharp decline in grades or performance)
Changes in appetite ( eating too much or too little)
Agitation or severe anxiety/panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts, plans or behaviors — including self-harm (intentionally cutting or burning yourself)